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About the Presentations

Our Journey Foretold

Many people stake their lives and their futures on the claims of the Bible. But is that wise? Is there clear evidence to prove the reliability of scripture? In this presentation, Mike will address these questions and examine an historically provable biblical prophecy that may surprise you.

The Invitation to Come Home

Most people are seekers. It’s part of our DNA. We spend our lives trying to fill the unidentified longing in our hearts, looking for the next big thing, How great it would be to actually find it! Jesus promises a home, a place of belonging, both now and in eternity – and that’s the biggest thing of all.

Laws For Lovers

When you are in love, doing things to please your beloved is no burden. In fact, it makes your relationship stronger, and you feel closer to each other. The same is true with God. His ten commandments are laws of love, showing us what he values and how to live in relationship with him and everyone around us.

Rest For the Journey

A world of deadlines, busyness, commitment, responsibility, and frenzied schedules. That’s what most American’s face on a daily basis. And even those whose calendars are more relaxed still have minds that are racing with worry. Is it possible to rest? Can peace be a reality? Discover the ancient, yet simple, solution that still works today. It’s called Sabbath.

The Ultimate Reunion: Seeing Through the Grave

Who hasn’t stood at a graveside and wondered, “What now?”  Some feel that it is the bitter end. Some believe that at the closing of the casket, the gates of heaven or hell have suddenly opened. Theories abound of spirit worlds, reincarnated beings, and karma. What is a thinking person to believe?

Joining the Family

A ring, a signet, a coat of arms: all are symbols of belonging. Jesus identified himself as the Son of Man – an elder brother to the human race – and then invited each individual to be personally adopted into his family. Baptism is his symbol of belonging.  An outward sign of the inward truth: you belong.

Becoming Like Our Father

So….if you’ve accepted what Jesus offers – forgiveness and eternal life – is there more? Must you now bring your life into compliance with the Bible’s moral code? Many have found the responsibility of living the “Christian life” to be a heavy one, and in fact, an impossible one that sucks the joy out of life. There is good news! It’s not your job to change your life. God will take care of that.

Sharing the Good News

Revelation depicts three powerful angels flying above the earth during the closing moments of earth’s history. A frightening scene? Not really. The angels are carrying the everlasting gospel – literally, the “good news” for earth’s inhabitants.

Home At Last

Do you want to go to heaven? The answers to that question are varied. Some people have no interest, while others consider heaven the ultimate goal. Let’s put aside the fables and see what the Bible actually says about heaven.